NextShift: 2018 Most Promising Healthcare Solution Provider

March 15, 2018

Article courtesy of CIO Review Magazine

"Healthcare sector is growing by leaps and bounds with the adoption of innovative technologies. By offering scalable and interoperable solutions, healthcare technologies have transformed the way healthcare is administered, both from a care and finance perspective. The groundbreaking technologies such as robotic surgery, laser technologies, ingestible sensors, and smart pills have reshaped the realm of healthcare. 

Today, companies are pouring out on AI and machine learning to build virtual simulation environment where physicians can practice surgical procedures and rehearse, while gaining experience and knowledge. Especially with the advent of real-world evidence, companies in the healthcare industry obtain dedicated resources to support accessing, sharing, and analyzing the collected information. In tandem, mobile applications and ‘wearable’ technologies have disrupted the healthcare market helping patients, providers and life science organizations to bridge the communication gaps to create information pathway. With an effective IoT enabled systems like asset tracking and inventory management systems, healthcare companies are able to optimize the supply of resources and provide full visibility into inventory. Further, the significant progress made in the healthcare revenue cycle management systems will certainly accelerate the payment process and drive healthcare into a modern age. 

In the last few months, we have analyzed scores of healthcare solution providers in the market and shortlisted the companies that are at the forefront of tackling challenges in this arena. Evaluated by a distinct panel of judges including CEOs, CIOs, and CMOs, these names are disrupting the industry and heralding a new era for healthcare industry. 

Here, we present to Nextshift the CIOReview’s “50 Most Promising Healthcare Solution Providers - 2018.”

To read the full article about NextShift go to: CIO REVIEW's 2018 Most Promising Healthcare

Written By:

Rob Tedesco
Chief Executive Officer

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