we are nextshift.

A healthcare technology innovation group committed to Creating Better Healthcare™ by working with our clients and partners to develop breakthrough digital solutions.

we are TECHNOLOGY experts.

Our comprehensive offerings are designed to simplify healthcare engagement and delivery. From mobile apps to cloud and platform-based solutions, from EHR systems to artificial intelligence and IoT, we collaborate closely with our clients to create and evolve today’s leading healthcare technology solutions.

we are A leading
strategic partner. 

Your Priority will be our passion.

Our approach and services all align with our mission of Creating Better Healthcare. Our talented team is comprised of industry experts across healthcare, marketing, and technology who create custom solutions to meet our clients' strategic imperatives.

Digital Experience

End to end digital marketing strategy and solution delivery to help propel brand growth.

  • Multichannel Strategy
  • Mobile & Web Development
  • SEO and Media Buying
  • Content Creation
  • eDetailing / CRM
  • Program Analytics

Specialized Consultancy

Professional and talented resources for our clients with staff augmentation needs.

  • Healthcare IT
  • Platform Architecture
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Hospital Systems / Insights
  • Quality Systems Management
  • Technical Development

Enterprise Solutions

Creative and unique solutions to measurably improve healthcare outcomes, adherence, and synergy.

  • Patient Adherence Tools
  • Continued Medical Education
  • Healthcare Communication
  • Analytic Dashboards
  • Healthcare Learning Management Systems
  • Automated Cloud Solutions


Distinctive white label technologies developed exclusively by NextShift's award winning team.
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from ideation to everywhere

NextShift Strategy - from ideation to everywhere

Collaborating closely with you in a unified team model,  we take great care in understanding your business and how technology supports your overall mission and vision.

We create scalable solutions in which design is not an afterthought. Our business unit ambassadors work closely with you to  create optimized experiences that put users first.

We use the power of one to drive developer ownership, and we work diligently to execute innovative solution architecture and an optimal production environment.

We track ongoing performance metrics to ensure the day to day operational excellence of your project, and to look for enhancement opportunities.

NextShift's Technology & Marketing services

NextShift Mobile App Expertise

mobile health

NextShift has vast experience in developing responsive, cross platform mobile health apps, with a focus on providing users with an easy to navigate interactive experience.

NextShift Patient Care Solutions

patient care

We specialize in creating highly intuitive and personalized patient care solutions. Our technology is built to increase patient understanding, and treatment adherence by providing information, resources,  and tools.

NextShift Full Service Marketing

full service

We produce patient focused web design and optimized content to attract and engage core audiences.  Our expertise in multichannel marketing planning and execution will drive awareness and brand propulsion.

NextShift HCP Engagement


NextShift develops robust interactive and responsive portals to aid in patient care, including clinical information, eSampling, news feeds, and aggregated and individualized patient data.

NextShift Big Data Customization

CLoud Ops

We are highly-experienced in designing and controlling efficient and effective cloud operations processes that meet our clients' business goals and quality and compliance requirements.

NextShift Big Data Customization

big Data

NextShift structures Big Data in a way that is actionable for our clients--and their clients.  We build integrated, highly customized, visually insightful dashboard solutions from multiple data warehouses.

NextShift Marketing Automation Services


NextShift offers solutions ranging from guided eDetailing to comprehensive campaign management solutions that help you understand the impact of your marketing and digital goals.

NextShift Enlight LMS System for CME Healthcare Training

CME Healthcare

NextShift has developed Enlight™ as a modernized Learning Management System that makes it easy to coordinate training programs and assess the progress of trainee learning.

NextShift Web Dev & CMS Capabilities

web development
& cms

Our staff is well versed in many different web technologies and content management systems. NextShift creates continually evolving healthcare systems and healthcare IT solutions.

NextShift IT Staff Augmentation and Recruiting Services


Our exclusive HXP™ network offers a comprehensive set of capabilities. We works with proven technology partners to provide amazing solutions for our clients.  

What's next?

nextshift's LEadership team

The leadership team at NextShift has brought together some of the top web developers, digital marketers and content editors who are well-versed in many different web technologies and content management systems. This means you can concentrate on your business goals and let NextShift take care of your technology needs.

Rob Tedesco CEO of NextShift Health
Rob Tedesco

Rob is an innovative and collaborative leader overseeing NextShift's business strategy. He has nearly 20 years of experience in healthcare IT strategies and digital marketing. Before he co-founded NextShift, he held executive leader roles at Johnson & Johnson, Omnicom, and United Drug. Rob has supported dozens of brand groups and has been responsible for the creation and management of over 300 digital solutions. Rob also has deep experience in campaign management and analytics, HIPAA compliance, and ISO 9000.

Imran Deshmukh CIO of NextShift Health
Imran Deshmukh

Imran is a strategy leader, passionate about driving innovation with digital technology. He has held senior IT roles at Johnson & Johnson and Capgemini. His vast expertise spans many technology platforms both as a solution architect and platform engineer. As the co-founder and head of NextShift’s Global DevOps, Imran leads several teams that deliver high quality scalable solutions and provide exceptional customer service. Imran’s expertise includes digital marketing, enterprise web and mobile applications, and HIPAA compliance.