Expand Your Media Tool Kit with Soundbites

A less is more content outlook.

June 1, 2017

A sound bite is technically a short clip from a piece of audio; in popular usage, it’s a few memorable words conveying a large message.

Mark Twain quote on soundbites: A minimum of sound to a maximum of sense:
A soundbite can resonate with readers long after the blog has been forgotten.

But sound bites aren’t limited to the spoken word. With websites, blogs, and social media demanding their owners provide a continual stream of content, succinctly written communications are an essential part of a company’s marketing toolkit.

Here are a few tips on creating compact and crisp text:

  • Web-based copy is scanned and skimmed, not read. For greatest impact, content should stimulate the brain’s limbic system, the center of desire and motivation.
  • Write at a 7th grade level; most bestselling novels are written at this level. You can do this by using the following:
  • Short words with fewer than two syllables
  • Short sentences with no more than 12 words
  • Short paragraphs with at most 4 sentences
  • Use the active vs. passive voice: “He uploaded the video to YouTube,” rather than “The video was uploaded to YouTube by him.
  • Visually content is easier to understand. Replace text with infographics wherever possible.

Soundbites are concepts that are obvious to the reader on an emotional level and in an active voice.
‍Soundbites are concepts that are obvious to the reader on an emotional level.

Written By:

Maria Canfield
Director of Content

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