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Reasons to Switch to Cloud Computing

February 21, 2018

There are a number of compelling reasons for companies to access programs and applications through the internet -- to compute in the cloud -- instead of using  physical equipment such as servers.

Here are the most common reason businesses make the switch to cloud computing:

  • The cloud is economical. Cloud computing reduces the cost of hardware and the physical space needed to house that hardware.
  • The cloud is reliable. No system is infallible, but the average uptime of most cloud-based services comes very close to 100%.
  • The cloud is scalable. You can invest in the level of services you need, and add or reduce as your business needs change.
  • The cloud is mobile. Programs and apps can be accessed from wherever there is an internet connection.

There are other reasons, perhaps less top-of-mind, that make cloud computing an appealing alternative:

  • Cloud computing increases the value of hardware. The server hardware  that remains  in place can be used as a shared resource, increasing its efficiency.
  • Cloud computing  creates a culture of collaboration. Teams that can view and edit documents, in real-time and from anywhere, experience a synergy that increases collaboration and leads to better-quality work.  
  • Cloud computing is environmentally-friendly.  Because server capacity is shared among organizations, utilization is higher -- meaning  fewer machines are needed and less energy is used.  
  • Cloud computing is a competitive advantage. The “nimbleness” associated with  cloud computing allows organizations of all sizes to act fast when needed.

If all this isn’t enough, cloud computing can also strengthen security. Reputable cloud service providers are fully committed to protecting your data, and have the resources to ensure the best security measures are put into place.

The top reasons to switch to cloud computing: economical, reliable, scalable, mobile, value, collaboration, environmental, competitve

Written By:

Imran Deshmukh
Chief Technology Officer

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